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EtoilePB's Icon Journal

Icons By Etoile

EtoilePB's icons
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Welcome! I am etoilepb, and this is my icon journal. I update it with posts of graphics or resources whenever I happen to make any.

Icons you may see in this journal include, but are not limited to: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sandman, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Highlander: The Series, Disney movies, any other movie I like, the Boston Red Sox, and completely random things that strike my fancy.

If you are looking for brushes, textures, gradients, or any other resources that I have made, please check the memories.

Also, I may occasionally post friends-only banners, journal headers, or wallpapers, but always behind a cut, to spare your friends lists. ;)

Taking Icons

Please do! That's what they're here for. When you see something you like, leave me a comment so that I know who likes what. When you use something you like, credit in the icon keywords or comments. Easy! Also, save all images to your own webspace, so that you're not stealing mine, which I pay for. If you want to use them on GJ, DJ or any other site where 100x100 images are used that's fine, but credit back to me at LJ or to my website.

Modification, Nomination, Collection

Please do not modify any of my icons without my permission. Sometimes I will say in a post if it's okay to modify things. You may, however, nominate any icons of mine wherever you like, without asking permission (I like to win awards). Please tell me where, though! Also, if you run a collection or archive of icons, on a specific theme (say, LOTR), you may archive my icons so long as you credit either back to this journal or to EtoilePB.com.


I take requests when I can, but sometimes I'm just too busy. You can always feel free to ask; I'll tell you "no" if I don't think I have the time. But please, keep requests reasonable. I've never, ever made a Buffy icon; I'm not likely to start for you.

I will also do banners, headers, and sometimes even wallpapers, but not LJ or website layouts, sorry.

Common Courtesy

teh_indy has posted an excellent guide to icon courtesy here. It's filled entirely with good sense and good behavior. Live by it. ;)

I participate in several icon communities as etoilepb:
songsets (founder and mod)
icon_tutorial (co-mod)

Links and Credit:
  • My Post of Credit and Resources

  • Others' resource posts, and of course icon_tutorial

  • Useful communities: 100x100_brushes, cap_it, icon_tutorial, icongradients

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